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Consumer & Industrial Goods

Protecting high-value industrial and consumer products throughout the global supply chain is a complex challenge. Electronics, tobacco and alcohol, clothing, luxury goods, and other fast-moving goods are often at risk of theft, diversion or delay. Additionally, many high-value industrial materials are time-and-temperature sensitive. Knowing their condition as they progress through complex, global supply chains is crucial for maintaining raw material integrity, high process yields, and end-product quality and performance.

Getting all of these products to their destination—safely, securely and on time—is critical for maximizing revenues. That requires global supply chain visibility. Sensitech® has a comprehensive array of solutions that address the critical needs of consumer and industrial goods’ organizations at every step of their global supply chains:

Managing temperature and environmental conditions

We help ensure temperature and environmental requirements are maintained without interruption. Our ColdStream® solutions track temperature-sensitive industrial materials and products through all stages of the supply chain—from packaging and transportation to the warehouse and on to the manufacturer or consumer.

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Preventing theft

Cargo theft and diversion is a large and growing problem around the world. Valuable industrial products are at risk. Our SensiGuard™ solutions help to mitigate the risk, providing a verified chain of custody from a product’s origin to its final destination.

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Optimizing the supply chain

Delayed shipments of materials can disrupt manufacturing schedules and damage your bottom line. Our SensiWatch™ solutions can help, providing the insight needed to address potential logistics performance problems before they impact your business.

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